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Eyelash Extension - Wispy

Eyelash Extension - Wispy

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Wispy lashes are described as freestyle lashing. This means that lash artists create an uneven spikey appearance with varied lash lengths that gradually rise and fall over the eyes. These spikes and valleys give the lashes a fluttery, feathery appearance. Wispy lashes are also called Kim K lashes by some since the beauty guru popularized the style.

Please note:

  • Eyelash extension bookings take 1-1.5 hrs to complete.
  • Eyelash extensions generally last between 4-6 weeks, depending on how fast your natural eyelashes grow.
  • Eyelash extensions should not be painful to your eyes or irritate them. If they do, they may have been applied incorrectly by an inexperienced artist or you may be allergic to the glue used to stick the lashes. Call or message us immediately if you experience irritation.
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